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Welcome to ZonkBoard!

ZonkBoard is a fun blabber board made specifically with weblogs in mind. It's simple to use and simple to set-up! If you've already got a ZonkBoard, go ahead and log in now to configure it. Otherwise, sign-up and grab one now!

ZonkBoard features include:

  • Personal Color Configuration
  • Simple Cut & Paste Install
  • Online Entry Manager
  • Ban Nasty Users!
  • Date/Time Stamped Messages
  • NEW - Gravatar support! (optional)
  • Lots More...

Is life really this good? Of course it is. Now sign-up for your FREE seven day trial!


If you are planning to set up your own blog then you should know it is all about special features and tools. Choose a suitable blog hosting that has an easy control panel and will take care of all installations.

Tens of Thousands Served!

This is a ZonkBoard!

Download Trillian! ZonkBoard's emoticons have been supplied by the guys over at Cerulean Studios, the creators of Trillian. Be sure to give them a try- they take online chatting to the next level.
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